Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Edict of Milan 313-2013

The Edict of Milan is a legal document issued by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, proclaiming religious tolerance and bringing an end to the persecution of Christians that lasted for three centuries. This year, 2013, marks seventeen centuries of the Edict of Milan, proclaimed in 313 A.D. at Mediollanum, now Milan, Italy. The Serbian city of Nis, the birthplace of Constantine the Great, recently organized the Central Official Jubilee Year Ceremony. The exhibit Edict of Milan gives the opportunity the Chicagoans to be the part of this special event, appreciate and learn about history of Roman Empire and Western Civilization, and also about Serbia. The exhibit Edict of Milan showcases the sculptures of 18 Roman Emperors, who were born on the territory of Serbia. At the opening night, Miomir Korac, PhD of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art talked about Edict of Milan and introduced the ancient city of Viminacium in Serbia. Serbian American Museum St. Sava hosted the exhibit from October 10 to 24, 2013.